What is Sun-Do?

An American woman was vacationing in Korea. When she traveled the countryside, she noticed a young man in his twenties whipping the back of the legs of an old man in his eighties. Repulsed by what she saw, she stopped and said, “Stop that immediately. What gives a young man like you the right to whip a helpless old man?” The young man glanced at her and said, “Buzz off, I’m busy.” Exasperated, the woman said, “If you don’t stop immediately, I will call the police.
“Okay, the young man said, if you insist I will explain. Sixty years ago I left home to go into the mountains to practice Sun-Do. When I left, I told my son that he must also practice Sun-Do while I was gone. Obviously, you can see that he did not practice because he is now an old man, while I still have the flower of youth. I am disciplining him because I soon will be leaving for the mountains again and would like my son to be alive when I return. If you practice Sun-Do, you too will benefit by living a long and healthy life.”
The woman then asked, “Where might I be able to practice Sun-Do in America?”
The young man said, “There aren’t many traditional Sun-Do schools in the United States, but I do know of one that is located at 1846 Vermont St. in Lawrence, KS. Master Ki-June Park is the instructor. He can teach you the true meaning of Sun-Do.”