Testimonials of Sun-Do Practitioners

Since Arlene started practicing Sun-Do, she sleeps better, deeper and requires fewer hours per night (from 8 hours to 5 hours). Even with five hours of sleep, she feels more rested. She does not get sick very often. Even when she gets sick, she recovers quickly in a few days instead of weeks. She has reduced her high blood pressure, the hereditary disease of her family, and does not require the prescription medicine that other family members use to control their blood pressure. She has increased flexibility, concentration, and relieved emotional stress through this discipline. Since she became healthier and less stressed, she is, as she says, a better partner for her husband. If you are interested, please come to practice with us. Call 841-5661.

I am a KU professor and department chair. I have been doing Sun Do twice a week for the past five years. I find that I have more energy and can work harder than when I was younger.

I have osteoarthritis. It often requires pain medication to sleep. It was not uncommon for me to awaken with pain after a couple of hours of sleep, even after taking pain medication. Several months after starting Sun Do my flexibility increased. This has lead to a decrease in the pain of arthritis. I can now sleep 5-6 hours even without pain medication.

I am a 53 year old physician practicing in the Emergency Department where we work twelve hour shifts. Sun Do has helped me conquer both my mental and physical fatigue. My son and I began practicing Sun Do together and it has strengthened our relationship and created a special bond.

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